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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should a pet owner use a cat sitter?

Veterinarians and cat experts alike believe that keeping cats in their own environment helps to reduce the stress they go through when their owners leave home. It is easier to keep up with their diet and exercise routine. They are also more likely to enjoy the personal attention given to them by their cat sitter. This also helps get rid of the trauma of being transported and decreases their exposure to sickness from other animals.


What kinds of pets do you care for?

I specialize exclusively in caring for cats. I understand that each cat is unique, and I tailor my services to meet their individual needs.


Why do I not offer every other day service for cats?

Cats, just like any other pets, require regular social integration. Even if they're shy and prefer to stay hidden, hearing a familiar voice can provide comfort.

This is just one of the many reasons why I insist on daily visits. Cats are curious creatures and can sometimes find themselves stuck in cabinets, behind doors, or in closets. In such situations, they may not have access to their food, water or litter box, causing unnecessary stress. Daily visits are to ensure your cat will have everything they need every day.

Cays are also known to ingest items they shouldn't, like string or plants, which can lead to obstructions and other health complications. Regular visits allow me to monitor your cats' health and quickly address any concerns, potentially preventing serious issues. Monitoring your cat's habits and environmental is crucial. For Instance, living in the desert can get quite hot, and if the AC were to malfunction, it would be unsafe for your cats to be in the heat. Similarity, if a cat gets locked in a room, they wouldn't be able to access their food, water or litter box. These are just a few examples of how having a daily cat sitter, like Desert Whiskers Cat Sitting, can help keep your beloved cat's cafe and give you peace of mind while you are away. 


What services do you provide? What are your Service Hours?

I specialize in providing daily care visits exclusively for cats. I typically make 1-2 visits each day. For more information, please refer to my policies page.

Service Hours are 7am to 7pm.

Office Hours are Monday-Friday 10am - 4pm.

Saturday & Sunday - Closed


Do you Administer Medication?

I understand that some cats require special care. I am equipped to administer various forms of medication including - Insulin Injections, Transdermal Medication, Pills and Liquids. Many of my clients have cats that are diabetic and require insulin injections or other medications every 12 hours.


Please note: During our initial meet and greet, I request clients with cats needing medication to demonstrate their preferred method of administering medication. This ensures I can provide the best care possible for your pets.

Do you have references?

Absolutely! If you’re a new client, I’d be glad to provide references. You can also find testimonials and reviews about my services on my website and other platforms.


Are you Bonded & Insured?

Yes, I am BONDED, and INSURED. with Pet Care Insurance

What does it mean that you are bonded and insured?

A dishonesty bond gives you peace of mind that you will be reimbursed if anything is stolen from your home. Anyone that has workers enter their home should be sure that they have a dishonesty bond. I also carry a liability insurance policy that protects from financial loss in the event that I were liable for accidents that occur while caring for my clients' pets. Any responsible, professional business should carry liability insurance.


What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

My education has been in animal science & animal behavior. I also keep up to date with monthly online courses, in-person seminars and networking events. 


I have training and paid experience in:

First Aid/CPR training for pets

Cat health and care

Dog health and care

Small animal health and care

Exotic animal care

Basic obedience for dogs

Agility training



I am a member of:

Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

 PSI (Pet Sitters International) CPPS Certified

NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) Certified

PUPS (Professional United Pet Sitters)

Fear Free Certified (Veterinarian & Pet Sitter)


Is it OK to have you share sitting duties with our friends or neighbors?

No. I am sorry, but I do not accommodate this request for liability reasons. It violates my insurance & service agreement. I cannot be held accountable for other people you invite into your home while you are gone or have shared duties. Shared duties means you have another member of your family, friend or a neighbor come care for your pets on top of a pet sitter or another person. If you hire a pet sitter, they should be the ONLY person in your home during your vacation or time away.


What is your Cancellation Policy?

Please see Policies Page for Cancellation Policy


What happens if my cat gets ill or injured?

At Desert Whiskers Cat Sitting, I prioritize the well-being of your pet. If your cat becomes ill or injured while you’re away, I will notify you immediately. In case of an emergency outside of normal office hours, I will take your cat to your designated emergency clinic. I always act in the best interest of your cat. This emergency plan will be discussed during our initial consultation.


What happens if I can’t return on the date I’m supposed to?

I understand that plans can change unexpectedly. In such cases, Desert Whiskers Cat Sitting will continue to provide care for your cats until you notify us of your return. I do request as much notice as possible in these situations.

Please note: This policy applies only to current clients who have provided us with a key or access to their home.


What if I need your services at the last minute?

Once we have had a meet & greet/consultation, I will always do my best to accommodate your needs. It is much easier to honor last minute and emergency services when I have your key or code on file. 


How much advance notice do you require before service?

At Desert Whiskers Cat Sitting, I kindly request the following advance notice for services:

  • For current clients, I recommend a minimum of 7 days' notice. I understand that sometimes short notice requests are unavoidable, and I will do our best to accommodate them.

  • For new clients a minimum of 7 days' notice for all current clients. However, I will always do my best to accommodate any short notice requests. For new clients, I recommend a minimum of 2 weeks' notice as a meet and greet is requires before I can accept any service request.

  • Please note, without a meet and greet I cannot provide service.

  • For Holiday cat sitting, due to high in demand and limited availability, I recommend a minimum of 2 weeks' notice. The earlier you book, the better!


What Forms of Payments do you accept?

Cash, Checks, Zelle and

Credit Cards (visa, Mastercard, discover, American Express, etc.)


What are your payment terms?

Please see Policies Page for Payment Terms


What is the best way to reach Desert Whiskers Cat Sitting?

By filling out the Contact Us form, New Client form, text or by email.

If you are a current client, you can reach me from your time to pet portal.


Are there extra costs for services rendered on a holiday?

Yes, please see Policies or Services on Holiday Rates/Services


Do I need to give you a key to my house?

Yes, you do. When we first meet, I’ll ask for a key and any codes for your garage or door. I need a key in case the power goes out or the batteries in your keyless entry run out. I suggest letting me keep the key for future pet sitting. But if you want it back after I’m done, I can return it to you. Just keep in mind, there’s a fee each time I have to pick up or drop off the key. To avoid this fee, you might want to get a lock box.


Can I come to your house to drop off & pick up the key?

Since I do not have a storefront, and for the privacy & security of my own home, family members & pets. I do not allow others to come to me to drop off or pick up keys.


We will be staying in a local Hotel; can you visit our pet(s) there?

No. At Desert Whiskers Cat Sitting, we prioritize the comfort and safety of your pets. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of arrangements and insurance considerations, we are unable to provide pet-sitting services for clients staying at hotels or motels.


Can I drop my cat off at your house?

No. As a cat-only service, I do not provide boarding or kenneling in my home. I believe cats are more comfortable in their own environment, so I only provide services in the client’s home. If you are looking for a cat boarder or kennel, I can recommend a few places to you.



What areas do you service?

Buckeye - 85326, 85396

Goodyear - 85338, 85395

Litchfield Park - 85340

*Includes these major neighborhoods: Tartesso, Verrado, Estrella Mountain, Canta Mia, 

 Litchfield Farms, Palm Valley.

Teravalis (coming 2025)

At this time, I do not provide service to Sun City Festival


We cover a wide service area:

West - not past 85, but we do service the community of Tartesso

South - MC85/Lower River/Beloat, parts of Rainbow Valley, All of Estrella Mountain Ranch, including Canta Mia

East - Litchfield Rd

North - Bethany Home Rd

Services requested outside of our service area will incur additional mileage charge.

All roads must be paved/blacktop for service to be provided.

*Sorry, I do not service dark, dirt/gravel roads. * My car is not equipped to handle such roads.


Do you have a referral program?

Yes, I do! I have a new referral program as of 2024.

If you're an existing client and you refer someone to us here at Desert Whiskers Cat Sitting, you will receive a reward - either a free visit or a 20% discount on services lasting 5 days or more. The new client you refer to us will also get a 10% discount on services up to 1 week. (covers 7 days of services).

(Credit will be received after completion of the new booking).

That's not all!!

We're also offering incentives to rescues and shelters who refer clients to Desert Whisker Cat Sitting. In return for their referral, we'll make a donation. This could be a direct payment via Zelle, a contribution to their vet bill, or a purchase from their Amazon wish list. It's our way of saying Thank You and giving back to the community! 


**If you have a question and you don’t see it above, please send me an email & I will answer your question. I try to base all of my questions off what I look for in a pet sitter.

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